Hello, all. My name is Melody Clarke and welcome to my lovely center of the internet. Here you will find anything I like and what I do for a living. I teach at an elementary school, working as a music teacher. I have been doing this for quite some time.

[ Original Mutant Character created by me, original profile on RP.ME; also please do not judge the playby...I hate it when people do that. Indpedent Marvel OC ]



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What do you see, Miss?

You harming people, to get what you want. To gain an order on all mutants. Thinking you are the better man with using violence. 

An illusion you have created in your mind, darling, I am not such a man. Do you believe what you see… always?


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    I will not hurt you. But if you are uncomfortable with my palm touching your cheek, then I will press myself to try not...
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    I don’t know if I should trust someone like you, Erik.